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Board of spruce

Board of spruce

Spruce – is the most common breed for production of edging boards softwood. Fir board durable and sturdy, ideal for carpeting, paneling, installing partitions and so. D.
Spruce is good thermal insulator, so to finish the house best suits spruce. But for plating baths and saunas is better to choose another tree, that is, to the spruce, as well as other Edged board -Needles, highlights the resin when heated.

You can find Spruce throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. This tree is the most common and affordable. Therefore, it is important to use eating as a raw material for the production of lumber. Bruce Spruce become an integral part of today’s market of construction products. From it build homes for permanent residence, saunas, gazebos, as well as manufactured doors, windows. On this article we’ll talk in more detail in this article.

Using a spruce lumber

Spruce wood is softwood, with a high content of resin as well as knots. But this is precisely the producers see her dignity. These knots of spruce are never dropped, and thus with proper processing of the material it will have a unique pattern. This wood grain is very beautiful, unusual. Gummosity imparts additional strength lumber, as well as protection against bugs and rodents. This ensures protection of the products from the timber.

When compared with pine, the wood density nizhu bit, so the price is also. If you do spruce walls or roof, the density will not play a great value. Spruce is for industrial use and regular. Industrial spruce grown in the north of Russia. For lumber is better to choose it.

Color ate light with a light yellowish or rozovinkoy. But after a while the color changes to a darker.

Using lumber from spruce

Despite the abundance of knots, complicating treatment, spruce wood is used very widely – from the whole round logs to veneer. Because it makes the board, imitation timber and block house. Especially as popular Lining and other types of moldings such as baseboards, casings, etc. Beautiful, malosmolistaya wood white look great in the interior, and then impregnating protective compounds can be used without restrictions in outdoor construction. Texture ate malovyrazitelnoe sometimes considered, but it is not so, as it is this property used to create the mosaic decoration.

Throughout the world, known made of the so-called “Resonant spruce” musical instruments. Outstanding acoustic properties are determined exclusively by the uniform arrangement of the fibers. Of course, for such purposes are used only the best varieties of fir, which, moreover, are a special treatment. In particular, the drying process takes less than 10 years, the need for complete drying of the resin. Instead of microscopic resin pockets formed small voids, which are called resonance chambers. Violin and Guitar best masters such as Stradivari and Amati, made it out of the resonant spruce.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wood eating controversial material, as a huge number of advantages, is unique in many respects, the tree has a well-known disadvantages.

Since spruce and pine are similar in appearance, natural and comparison of these two species of lumber. Usually it indicates that spruce pine wood is softer, and in the first substantially more difficult treatment knots. In addition, malosmolistaya spruce better absorb moisture and, therefore, begins to rot faster.

So, the pros:
minimal tendency to warp;
Details of spruce glued together perfectly;
low density facilitates processing, and most importantly – to better retain heat. By the way, this property is highly valued in the international market, where the wood is spruce is considerably more expensive than the pine;
perfectly polished surface and can indefinitely retain the original color.

And the cons:
a large number of complicating treatment of solid knots;
low resistance, due to the low tar.

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