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All products have a phytosanitary certificate. If necessary, we will issue you a certificate of origin, which issued the Chambers of Commerce in Russia.

Lumber – are materials that are made tangential, radial or combined way cutting wood along the fibers. Today timber commonly used in the furniture industry and in the construction industry.

The main products of cut:

1. Unedged and Edged
2. Mounting Rails
3. Bruce
4. falshbrus, Block Houses, wall paneling, flooring.

Despite the rather enormous popularity, lumber certification in Russia is optional. However, to confirm the quality of such products may be by means of a modern system of voluntary certification. By request of the buyer now can be issued a voluntary certificate for lumber. This document will give a lot of competitive advantages, as well as cause more confidence in the product.

Get this document may be in any certification center accredited Rosstandart. To obtain the certificate required documentation package, which will reflect the characteristics and properties of wood, as well as the need to provide special test sample.

Certificate for lumber issue solely on the basis of the test report, which are held by the state accredited laboratory. If test results confirm compliance with all applicable product sample at the moment the requirements of standards, permits for sawn timber will be given.

To export the timber could be out of the country today need to issue a so-called a phytosanitary certificate. This document confirms compliance with all applicable today phytosanitary requirements of Rosselkhoznadzor. The procedure of phytosanitary certification of this product is regulated by the Letter of the Customs Committee of the Russian Federation, number 01-15 / 6721 from 11.04.1997.

Certificate certifying the country of origin of goods is required, as a rule, the importing country’s customs authorities for the purpose of tariff and non-tariff import control measures of the goods into the customs territory of the country and the export of goods from the territory (for example, for calculating the corresponding import duty rates, including and reduced in the case of goods preferential treatment).
Certificates of origin form “ST-1” are issued to Russian goods exported from the Russian Federation in the state – members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia.

Chambers of Commerce carry out registration of certificates of origin Form A for products subject to tariff preferences submitted by the Russian Federation, and exported to the United States, Canada and Montenegro.
Certificate of origin Form A issued in direct exports of goods (passing the customs formalities for the dispatch of the goods to the consignee) or when the date of such dispatch confirmed. This certificate must be submitted to the customs authorities of the consignee of the country together with the documents required for the release of goods for free circulation.
Certificate of origin Form A issued in English.

Our company will provide you the necessary certificates for the timber sent to you for export.

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