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We supply our products to all corners of the world. Sea, road and rail. We work only with the most proven and well-known companies in the world.


The rapid growth of trade between countries and continents as a result of technological progress and of deepening international division of labor has forced the shipbuilders to seek ways to accelerate cargo handling vessels for the transport of general cargo. The result was a court containerships.

The first attempt to container transportation was made in September 1956. Gradually maritime transport turnover increased, and container revolutionized the organization of transport in international sea lines – one container was the replacement of several cargo ships. This is due to a high rate of container handling.

Today, container transportation is one of the most important and necessary methods of transportation. The annual turnover of shipping containers reached the colossal figure – 40 million units, and the annual volume of maritime transport in containers has reached 158 million tons, accounting for about 30 percent of the world’s cargo transportation.

At present, a monopoly on the transportation of containers does not exist, however, a number of international shipping companies still lead the race from the point of view of the scope of the activities of their shipping lines. ten leading companies in the world are presented in this publication, which actually provide 30 percent of global container traffic.


Japanese «NYK» ( «Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha»)

shipping company is one of the largest companies in the world, which the Court ensures uninterrupted container shipping worldwide. Company «NYK» was founded in 1870, and went on a world level of container traffic in the middle of the XX century.

The Chinese company «Evergreen Marine Corporation»

was founded in 1968. Currently shipping company has offices throughout the world, and its fleet of container ships of more than 160 ships, and is considered one of the largest cargo shipping companies in the world.

The French company «CMA CGM»,

is the leading organization of container traffic in 1978, formed by the merger of several shipping companies. Today the company «CMA CGM» has a fleet of over 350 vessels, the leading container shipping 150 routes.

«Maersk Line»

is a subsidiary of the Danish corporation «AP Moller-Maersk» debuted on theinternational scene in 1904. The fleet of container ships of this group is widely known outside of Europe. Currently, the company «Maersk Line» has about 500 container ships with a total capacity of about 19 million twenty-foot equivalent containers.MSC

Company «Mediterranean Shipping Company»,

abbreviated «MSC» is a Swiss international transportation company, founded in 1970. Today the organization owns about 456 container ships. This corporation is today ranked as one of the largest stevedoring companies in the world.

The German firm «Hapag-Lloyd»

is one of the most famous and exemplary international shipping companies. The company was founded in 1970 by the merger of companies «Hamburg-American Line» and «North German Company Lloyd». Today the shipping company has more than 130 ships carrying nearly five million containers worldwide.

«APL» abbreviation «American President Lines»

is a subsidiary of the Singaporean company «Orient Shipping Lines», founded in 1848, and not so long ago in 2008, the conglomerate said its 160 th anniversary.

A notable feature of the company «APL» is that it was the first organization that successfully provides marine transportation of large containers 40-foot equivalent on short routes.


«COSCO» abbreviation of «China Ocean Shipping Company»

is widely known among the leading companies engaged in container shipping. Currently, the company’s activity is spread in 40 countries with a fleet of 150 container ships.

The South Korean company «Hanjin Shipping Company»

is one of the largest Asian companies providing global freight turnover. The company currently has a cargo capacity of more than 1 million tons per year and the park around 60 vessels.

In 2003, the company «Hanjin Shipping Company» and «COSCO» formed a strategic alliance that will provide both organizations to strengthen the position of container traffic on the Asia – Europe.

Company «CSCL» abbreviation «China Shipping Container Lines»

is located in Shanghai. Started in 1997, the company quickly rose to leading heights in container transportation industry. The company is in great demand on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Container shipping is a huge industry and these companies set the pace handling, delivering products to people on all the continents, so they can be called world leaders in this complex enterprise.


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