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Lumber from Russia

Lumber from Russia

Northern Forest prized since ancient times for its excellent properties, depending on the climatic conditions in which the tree grows. If the summer is long, over this period, the tree grows a thick layer of wood, with the onset of winter, tree growth is suspended until the next heat period. Also, the forest is absolutely healthy and environmentally friendly, reducing the number of plant diseases at times, and because the health and purity of the forests are perhaps the most important criteria in the evaluation of the forest.


In Vologda forest almost all the trees grow slowly, which means tree bark becomes denser, however, as the entire tree trunk. The warmer conditions where the tree grows, which means that the duration of summer longer, the more there is a trunk the width and thickness of the crust, because there the trees grow much faster. In the north, for the whole year increased the thickness of the wood is less than one millimeter. The tree has a fine-grained structure, which gives additional strength, flexibility and elasticity of the material is manufactured from the northern forests, such as timber, planks and other wood products. On this basis, we can see that the trees there have a long history and are long-lived. Also, another advantage of the northern forests is the fact that all the trees planted there a natural way and for them there was no extra care on the part of the person, and so the forest is absolutely harmless. Any tree over time accumulates toxic waste and other chemical compounds, but in the northern forest clean air, which means that the wood does not accumulate chemical waste, and it will not hurt you if you use it as a building material. Another important advantage of the northern forest is that there is no live insects and do not develop fungus and other molds, because aggressive habitat is not the best for the development of plant life that are constantly destroying various parasites.


A distinctive feature of the northern forests is the fact that almost all the trees are coniferous (spruce, pine, larch). Conifers are most in demand, and they are easier to handle for the building material.

7881299354376221_0bcdWe try to give our customers the best of everything, but because we offer products made from trees grown in the vast northern expanses. The nature itself took care of their unique properties:
The trees that grow in northern regions have a higher density. This is because they grow only in summer (2-3 months a year), winter is just get rid of excess moisture. The annual rings of trees due to the short-term heat denser adjacent to each other, rather than in plants growing to the south, the wood structure which is much softer and looser.
Buildings and construction of the northern lumber durable. Since they engage the workpiece during the winter period, the material contains a lot of resin and little juice. Due to this, such wood will not crack, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Also resin protects it from destructive activities of mold, mildew and other pests. This ensures that the log cabin house or stand for more than a decade, without reducing its performance.
The advantage of the northern forests in its environmental cleanliness, which is essential for interior decoration and interior items. Places strongly growing trees are removed from industrial facilities, polluting their waste. About them only wise nature cares, without destructive human intervention.

Therefore, we offer only quality products from quality North Russian forest.

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