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Types of lumber

Types of lumber

products sawn called special quality and size, having two parallel planar surfaces. Such products are made by dividing the timber into a certain number of parts to further reveal the length and breadth.

All wood products are relatively expensive goods, as taken from the lumber only about 65% are high-quality lumber. The remaining 35% goes in the form of sawdust and wood detail.

Classification depending on the lumber processing

All boards are classified according to their processing on the boards, edging and trimming unilateral.
Unedged Timber call those who have a lateral surface of the timber instead of the edges. Unedged board found its use when installing the inner lining or the flooring, as elements of load-bearing structures – in other words, in cases where it will be hidden under the outer “façade” to the coating and its appearance is not special requirements.

Timber, in which all four sides of propylene and wane magnitude (of the surface of the logs, sawn timber left on) does not exceed the permitted size, called Eaves. They are widely used in construction for the exterior and interior of houses, manufacture of partitions, floors, floors, ceilings, crates (for the roof), and so on. N.
Cut-sided boards have one edge and chipped formation.

There is another type of grading – by the level of processing. Accordingly, the timber is divided into dividing and non-planed planed. Planed timber have various cross-sectional shapes depending on the destination.

Depending on the location of sawn products in a log, all boards are classified into lateral, central and medullary board.

Side boards are made in the process of cutting a log of the zone, which is located between the slab and the central boards. Such products have virtually no knots, they are easy to process and are characterized by the net surface. .
The central planks called those products that have a cut along the central axis of the core. In the process of cutting such products ideal way you can see all the vices of the internal layers of the board. The central plank lower quality compared to the side, however, because of the cutting of the annual rings, these products are less crack than the core board having the lowest quality of the three listed species.
Medullary boards have a wide variety of knots, which reduce the quality parameters of wood and wood core. Enough common in such boards are cracked.

Types of lumber


Characterized by a thickness not exceeding 100 millimeters and a width smaller than twice the thickness of the article. The bars are used in all types of construction, ranging from civil to industrial, of which produce beams, ducts for doors, using them equalize the surface.

Glued laminated timberGlued laminated timber

Manufacturing technology of laminated veneer lumber provides a material with a low percentage of humidity (10-12%). He has very little shrinkage (2-3 times less than, for example, from round logs) it does not crack, it has a high quality of facial surfaces. Glulam assembled from 8 pre-treated boards and has a special profile at the upper and lower surfaces, so-called ridges and grooves. Glued laminated timber retains all the advantages of solid wood – the ability to “breathe” a tree, a constant exchange of air, support a certain humidity indoors without special equipment, but at the same time and acquires a number of new advantages.


Cladding boards – a widespread material for interior and exterior surfaces of wood. The name “lining” was fixed for this type of board from the time when she trimmed the walls of wagons. It was a special board sheathing wagons with special samples at the edges to eliminate cracks and tight fit to each other. Contemporary wall paneling markedly different from the old technology for the production of the form and quality of workmanship. Dimensions GOST normal lining installed 12 to 25 mm, a width of 150 mm, a length of 6000 mm. For cladding surfaces applied linings conifers and aspen, for interior cladding – wall paneling Softwood and hardwood porod.Kupit battens


has standard dimensions thickness – 13, 16 and 19 mm, a width of 80, 100, 110 and 120 mm, length 6000 mm. Standards established Lining humidity in the region of 10 – 15%. Lining profiles may differ, but its characteristic elements are deeper pazogrebnevyh connection and a sample from the inside The sides of the board.

Do not try to buy the timber in advance, for example, the board intended for indoor decoration, bought just before using, or certainly kept only indoors. This will reduce the likelihood of mechanical damage to the tree and keep the humidity level. Store timber on a flat surface, elevated above the ground. Lay them should be loose and the fibers is required to lay rails. After laying on top a pile of stacked coverage.

Block houseBlock house

This kind of siding with the imitation of the surface of logs. When plating the walls of the board resulting in a surface of a wall of wooden houses chopped. This type of siding has different dimensions, it can be used both outside and inside pomescheniy.Kupit block house


Floorboards for the past few decades are the simplest and most reliable way to build floor in rooms of all types. Flooring or as it is referred to the board for floors, is a sharp cut at the top and bottom of the timber, in which the sides are tongue and groove. Precisely because of this, the installation of the floorboards – this case does not require special building skills and tools. Comb the floorboard gently and evenly included in the next slot, forming a finished floor with almost imperceptible gaps. People who choose to buy floorboard for your home, as a rule, rely on the fact that it will serve them for a long time and these hopes are justified, since the timber – a “living” material with a long service life. Floorboards can be successfully used both in residential buildings and in the back. Exterior floor after use of the timber may take the view that you want. This is possible through the use of special coatings or paints, which range for today is able to satisfy the taste of any zakazchika.Kupit batten
Parquet board. This high processing material, often it is made of several (up to 4) layers (strips). Parquet board is much graceful, light material than dial-up or block parquet, in addition, it has a very reasonable price.



Mouldings – boards and bars of standard length with a specific profile for planed sides, they also produce woodworking factories. K Mouldings are grooved and folded boards used for carpeting, nailing boards, upholstery, exterior wooden walls and the like, as well as bars with profile shaped cross-section – they are used for floors baseboards, window frames and doors, handrails for stairs.

Fibreboard (MDF) is made by pressing crushed and split wood with various additives (wax, resin, rosin). The sheets have a thickness of from 3 to 25 mm, a width of 1200-1600 mm, a length of 1200-3600 mm. They are used for thermal insulation of buildings (wall coverings, ceiling subsequent wallpapering or painting) as a finishing material. MDF products easy to process, but do not have sufficient strength.

Chipboard or particle board, blockboard recalls. But here are not used rails, and chips. This explains the popularity of smaller chipboard for making furniture. Firstly, it requires careful finishing edges. Secondly, the structure of the DSP does not hold within itself no nails, no screws, and the castle too long will not hold.
Third, when you work with it quickly blunt instrument. The most common DSP is used to make the basis for furniture.

Laminated chipboard – a relatively new material, it is widespread only in the past decade. Sometimes, instead of “laminated” you can hear the term “melamine.” Errors are not just laminate and melamine is essentially the same thing. This artificial surface made of synthetic resin. The walls are lined with a material, highly resistant to scratches, cuts and other minor injuries on their surface.

Quite often in the repair of the premises used OSB – oriented strand board. This new versatile building material, which in common parlance is most often referred to as the American plywood. OSB is a plate of large-oriented chips. Increased fire and weather resistance OSB allows you to use them for facing facade surfaces and perfect quality and other advantages, such as the fact that all substances are harmless in their composition, have attracted the attention of people engaged exclusively in interior decoration.

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