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For more information about our products.

For more information about our products.

Wood & Lumber. Lumber from the Russian forest. Exports of sawn timber anywhere in the world.


Our company specializes in producing and selling lumber from spruce, pine, birch, aspen and larch.
We are constantly increasing the volume of production and sales.
In production we use only high-quality circular saws with saw cut. All the timber passes the quality control is not a stage. Only qualitative selective Northern Russian wood is used for export production. Mostly we use the Vologda forest, as well as the forest of the Republic of Karelia, the Komi Republic and Arkhangelsk region.
All produced lumber sorting passes at all stages. From the moment of cutting, facing, drying and prior to packaging.
We strictly adhere to all the rules of production and use in their work as local rules and regulations as well as European and international quality standards.
To all our partners, we offer only high quality boards from obtaining them certificates.
We offer lumber of various sizes and different qualities. Accordingly pilomaterialyvariruetsya price, and depends on the quality and characteristics of the timber.
For example, a fresh timber, humidity no more than 35% and treated with an antiseptic is an order of magnitude lower than 14-16% moisture dry (KD).
Accordingly, we find an individual approach and react flexibly to customer requests.
If you want to work with us you can feel free to write to us by mail or leave a request on the website. Our managers will contact you shortly.

And just a few steps of working with us:

1. You determine which timber you need.
2. Quality is determined by the timber, according to the European or Russian standards.
3. Determines the specification (dimensions of lumber and delivery) of lumber.
4. Defines the terms of delivery and place of delivery, as well as the terms of payment.
5. Make us a request by any available means (website, email, or viber vhatsapp).
6. We will prepare you an offer with price and delivery terms.
7. We are negotiating on the terms of the contract and delivery dates, adjust pricing as necessary.
8. Conclude the contract.
9. We supply lumber for you.

We have individual approach to each client and find ways to solve disputes. We are committed to long-term cooperation and are ready for any debate.


We will call you back. Or send us a message and we will answer you.